At Claycots we are committed to a partnership approach to promoting positive behaviour. Our staff teach self-discipline and self-regulation with a heavy emphasis on the principles of Ready, Respectful and Safe developed by the behaviour expert Paul Dix.

We strive to be a community that is:


Ready to learn
of themselves and others
Safe in school


These principles have been established as Claycots’ school rules.


The school values of Kindness, Curiosity, Integrity and Respect underpin the core principles taught in the Behaviour and Wellbeing curriculum.

Using the Zones of Regulation at Home

At Claycots we use the Zones of Regulation to support children to learn how to manage their own feelings and behaviour. You can find information about the Zones of Regulation in the Behaviour at Claycots document above.


You might find it useful to use the Zones of Regulation with your child at home. The following prompts and resources below may help with this:


We take bullying seriously and have a clear policy on how to prevent, identify and respond to bullying and make it clear that the bullying of adults, children or young people is not tolerated in any form. 

The policy has been adopted with the involvement of the whole school community.

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